About Screen9

Vision & Mission

Screen9 We believe that online video will change the when, why and how we consume information. We believe online video can save time, close distances and create tangible business value. We believe that online video could just work, wherever, whenever. We believe that that we deliver the service that enables this online video.

Our Vision

To become the preferred supplier of online video services for medium and large size companies and organizations.

Our Mission

  • To grow our customers revenues
  • To save our customers time and money
  • To improve communication both within organizations and through their online channels with their customers

What We Do

We specialize in developing, operating and delivering online video solutions based on our Online Video Platform. We build our company on four cornerstones;

  • Quality – Our focus on quality has spawned a robust and feature rich platform with a high degree of flexibility and outstanding availability. The results of our quality focus results in services which work as intended, wherever and whenever.
  • Service – Our support is renowned for its responsiveness, knowledge and service mindedness. Our account managers and delivery managers care about your business and about our future relationship and looks after your interests on your behalf.
  • Long term – We value our relationships and strive for lifetime customers. We understand that what we deliver today needs to be maintained and supported tomorrow; hence we aim to only deliver maintainable and extendable solutions. We’re in this business for the long run.
  • Eco system – We acknowledge that our online video platform is a part of a larger eco system, hence we stride for partnerships and synergies within the eco system which deliver better value for our customers. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, hence we prefer partners who share our values on Quality and Service and are thinking about the Long Term.

The Company

Organization Screen9 AB is headquartered in Sweden. It was sprung of it’s mother company Picsearch AB (publ) and is now a fully owned subsidiary and  part of the Picsearch Group. We benefit from skills, know-how, contacts, experiences and ideas from other parts of the group which over the years has had a strong impact on our service offerings and core values. Apart from the online video platform, the group also delivers image search services and consultancy services. The group was founded in 2000 in Stockholm, Sweden and has over the years delivered services to some of the Internet’s most high-profile brands in over 50 countries. Today, we have offices in Stockholm (Sweden), Gothenburg (Sweden) and Cracow (Poland).