Press Releases

  • Major Release of Screen9 OVP Console

    “The new Console offers our best user interface ever.” Says Robert Risberg, CEO and co-founder of Screen9. “It’s the third generation of Console and it has been written from the ground up, with a focus on even better UX/usability as well as effective workflows for managing both Live and On Demand video. It is, of […]

  • Cloud based professional Live Mixer from Screen9

    With the brand new service for mixing live and on-demand video in the cloud, Screen9 changes the way we create cost efficient and professional live events. “Our new Live Mixer is available for everyone who wants to produce multi source live video over the Internet” says Robert Risberg, CEO Screen9. Robert continues “There has been […]

  • 4K and 360° Live and On-Demand Video from Screen9

    Screen9 launches support for Live and On-Demand 360° in their online video platform (OVP) as well as support for 4K videos. “We focus on delivering a premium product for our customers with the goal to satisfy new communication requirements, simply to meet our customers’ business needs and make their communication as effective as possible.” says […]

  • Screen9 launches true adaptive streaming for mobile and desktops

    Screen9 launches true adaptive video streaming on all platforms, including both mobile and desktops, for both HTML5 and Flash video. “Adaptive streaming is key for achieving optimal video quality, without interruptions or buffering, during playback.” says Magnus Karlsson, Screen9’s CTO. Magnus continues, ”A common problem for global organizations is that the available bandwidth varies and […]

  • NA-KD launches fashion store with online video, Sweden´s latest fashion online store, will open in Q4 2015. The founder is no one else than Jarno Vanhatapio, the founder of one of Sweden’s most successful online fashion stores,, in 2004. Jarno decided to implement product videos from the very beginning in NA-KD, and he says “Video shows the products in a […]