Why Screen9?

We’re a partner to our customers

Screen9 has been part of shaping the video market since its dawn. Over the years, we’ve learned what makes successful use of video for various industry segments from corporate Intranets to E-commerce, VOD, video sharing/distribution sites and newspapers. We put our accumulated experience and know-how to use with the customers we work with to provide added value. We are probably a bit more passionate about your business than our competitors and we don’t just supply anonymous cloud services and hope you make the best of it. We work with our customers as a partner for their online video needs.

We focus on the details that make your business grow

We recognize that success for our customers means success for us. Therefore, we work with business development processes designed to drive our customers forward – both from a business and functionality perspective. We give our customers a comprehensible solution for all their video needs, we provide capable support to make the best use of the video platform and we educate you on best practice for your industry segment with regards to video usage. We have a proven record of creating success with our customers and strong references.

We supply a platform that you can grow with

Screen9 delivers a reliable and scalable Cloud based online video platform built using a modular approach which provides our customers with the flexibility and robustness to meet their changing business needs over time. We partner with the best in eco system and delivery chain to ensure that you, as an end customer, and your users, get the desired functionality and the highest availability in the services that we deliver, wherever and whenever.