NA-KD launches fashion store with online video

  • NA-KD Jarno Vanhatapio, Sweden´s latest fashion online store, will open in Q4 2015. The founder is no one else than Jarno Vanhatapio, the founder of one of Sweden’s most successful online fashion stores,, in 2004.

Jarno decided to implement product videos from the very beginning in NA-KD, and he says “Video shows the products in a live way which increases the conversion rate significantly. Especially dresses is a category that has shown through A-B testing that videos are very important in order to increase sales.”

Jarno adds ”We are in the hands of generation Z and Y in the future, and they consists of 50% of our earth population. There´s a short span to get their attention so communicating in images and using video is much more effective than using words, and we can see that it affects the conversion rates”

”When I looked for a technology partner to fulfil our video strategy, my choice fell on Screen9” says Jarno and explains further “We know that Screen9 has both a flexible and cost effective solution for online stores and still they exceeded our expectations. Screen9’s solution is also rapidly scalable, which is vital since growth is the most important factor for us”.

Jarno Vanhatapio clearly states ”In the future – and the future is here now – these video solutions will be business critical rather than nice to have for the e-commerce industry”.

For further information please contact:

Jarno Vanhatapio, Founder / CEO NA-KD
+46 (0)768 991 800

Marek Andreasson, E-commerce Evangelist Screen9
+46 (0)70 275 3223

About NA-KD
NA-KD is global fashion online store for both, male and female shoppers. Founded in 2015 by Jarno Vanhatapio.

About Screen9
Screen9 is a premium provider of online video solutions for e-commerce, corporate intranets and newspapers. Screen9’s solutions are available globally and are employed by many high profiled brands. Screen9 was founded in 2000, is privately held and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.