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CMS Integrations

Many customers that use video as an integrated part of their day-to-day publishing benefit from integrated support in their CMS workflow. Screen9 provides integration modules or reference code that give you easy access to publishing video from within your CMS user interface. Our platform is very well suited for CMS integration which means we can often be seamlessly integrated with minimal fuss. We offer both CMS integrations that we have developed and integration partners’ CMS modules.

Current CMS integrations

EPiServer is one of the most successful CMS providers in northern Europe. Screen9 provides an integration Addon for EPiServer. Learn more about the Screen9 Video Addon for EPiServer.

Microsoft SharePoint is a commonly used platform for intranets. Screen9 provides an integration web part for SharePoint 2010 & 2013. Learn more about the Screen9 SharePoint Video Integration.

WordPress is a popular open source CMS. The reference code makes it easy to get started with video publishing in WordPress. Learn more about the Screen9 WordPress Video Plugin.

Drupal is a popular open source CMS. The Screen9 module makes it easy to get started with video publishing in Drupal. Learn more about the Screen9 Drupal Video Plugin.

Atex provides the CMS Polopoly which is a CMS often used by media and newspaper publishing organisations. Screen9 provides a professional CMS plugin that was originally developed by Polopoly themselves. The plugin is not available for public download but is available to customers upon request. Learn more about the Screen9 Polopoly Video Plugin.

The Screen9 platform is very well suited to integrate into virtually any CMS. Many of our customer’s have integrated the service with their custom systems with great success. The number of available CMSs is greater than we can build integrations for but if we have customer interest in a particular system, we can often help out. Are you for example using SiteCore, Sitevision, Umbraco, Typo3, Joomla or something else – please contact us and we can probably help you!